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(ġe)cweðan, class 5 strong verb. say; speak; call.

These spellings occur in the Old English Aerobics texts:

inflected infinitivetō cweþenne
present indicative1
3cwið cwyð
past indicative1cwæð ġecwǣdon cwǣdon cwǣdon cuǣdon cwǣdan
3cwæð cweþ ġecwæð
present subjunctive
past subjunctivecwǣden
present participlecweþende
past participleġecweden

This word occurs 98 times in the Old English Aerobics Anthology. To see a list of occurrences of (ġe)cweðan in a text, click a title below. Click a line- or sentence-number to see the word in context.


Alfred the Great's Preface

Battle of Finnesburh

  • 24 cweþ. said.

Battle of Maldon

  • 168 ġecwæð. said.
  • 211 cwæð. spoke.
  • 255 cwæð. spoke.

Boethius on Fame

Cynewulf and Cyneheard

Dream of the Rood

  • 111 cwyð. says.
  • 116 cweðan. say.

Fall of Adam and Eve

Life of St Æthelthryth

Ohthere and Wulfstan

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

  • [56] tō cweþenne. say.
  • [49] cwǣdan. said.
  • [15] tō cweþenne. say.

Story of Cædmon


  • 6 cwæð. said.
  • 111 cwæð. said.

Ælfric on the Book of Job

Exercises and sample sentences

  • cwǣdon. said.
  • cwæð. said.
  • gecweden. called.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cweþende. saying.
  • cweð. say.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cwǣdon. said.
  • cwæð. said.
  • cwæð. said.