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(ġe)dōn, anomalous verb. 1. put. 2. do. 3. take. 4. bring about; cause to be. 5. promote.

These spellings occur in the Old English Aerobics texts:

infinitivedōn ġedōn
present indicative1dōð ġedōð
3dēð ġedēð
past indicative1dyde didon dydon dydan gedydon
2dydest dydestū
present subjunctiveġedōn dōn
past subjunctive
past participleġedōn

This word occurs 77 times in the Old English Aerobics Anthology. To see a list of occurrences of (ġe)dōn in a text, click a title below. Click a line- or sentence-number to see the word in context.


Alfred the Great's Preface

Battle of Maldon

  • 197 ġedōn. done.
  • 280 dyde. did.

Boethius on Fame

Dream of the Rood

Fall of Adam and Eve


  • 95 dēð. does.

Life of St Æthelthryth

Martyrdom of Ælfheah

  • [4] ġedōn. done.

Ohthere and Wulfstan

  • [75] ġedōð. bring about.

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

Story of Cædmon


  • 56 dydon. did.

William the Conqueror

Wulf and Eadwacer

  • 14 gedydon. caused to be.

Ælfric on the Book of Job

Exercises and sample sentences

  • dyde. brought about.
  • dōð. do.
  • dōn. do.
  • gedōn. brought about, caused to be.
  • dēð. does.
  • dēð. does.