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ġīt, adverb. still; yet.

These spellings occur in the Old English Aerobics texts:

This word occurs 31 times in the Old English Aerobics Anthology. To see a list of occurrences of ġīt in a text, click a title below. Click a line- or sentence-number to see the word in context.


Alfred the Great's Preface

Battle of Finnesburh

  • 18 ġȳt. still.
  • 26 ġȳt. still.

Battle of Maldon

  • 168 ġȳt. still.
  • 273 ġȳt. still.

Boethius on Fame

Dream of the Rood

  • 28 ġȳta. still.


  • 107 ġȳt. yet.
  • 182 ġȳt. still, yet.

Life of St Æthelthryth

Ohthere and Wulfstan

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

Story of Cædmon


  • 6 ġȳt. still.

William the Conqueror

Ælfric on the Book of Job

  • [88] ġȳt. still, yet.
  • [39] ġȳt. still, yet.
  • [60] Ġȳt. still, yet.
  • [52] ġȳt. still, yet.

Exercises and sample sentences

  • Ġīt. still.
  • ġȳt. still.
  • gīet. still.