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dugan, preterite present verb. do well; prosper; be good; be good for anything; be a benefit.

These spellings occur in the Old English Aerobics texts:

present indicative1
3deah dēah
past indicative1
present subjunctiveduge
past subjunctivedohten

This word occurs 8 times in the Old English Aerobics Anthology. To see a list of occurrences of dugan in a text, click a title below. Click a line- or sentence-number to see the word in context.


  • 1660. duge. be good.
  • 1821. dohtest. were a benefit.
  • 1839. deah. does well, prospers, is good.
  • 2031. duge. be good.

Battle of Maldon

  • 48 dēah. is a benefit.

Boethius on Fame

  • [37] dohten. were good for anything.

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

  • [39] dohte. prospered.
  • [18] dohte. prospered.