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gōd, strong neuter. good; goods; property.

These spellings occur in the Old English Aerobics texts:

genitivegōdes gōda
dativegōde gōdum

This word occurs 12 times in the Old English Aerobics Anthology. To see a list of occurrences of gōd in a text, click a title below. Click a line- or sentence-number to see the word in context.


  • 20. gōde. goods, property.
  • 1861. gōdum. goods, property.

Battle of Maldon

  • 176 gōdes. good.

Boethius on Fame

Fall of Adam and Eve

  • [5] gōd. good.


  • 32 gōda. of good.
  • 271 gōde. good.

Story of Cædmon

  • [21] gōdum. goods, property.

Ælfric on the Book of Job

  • [8] gōdum. goods, property.
  • [62] gōd. good.

Exercises and sample sentences

  • gōde. good.